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thinking of you drabbles | the way you make me feel #1

a/n: *deep breath* holy fucking shit exclusive era drabbles aghkaejglnka;ehl;aehagohijsogk;la omfg. sorry, i got extremely amped. uhhhh. okay. whoo. i live for this era, like, OMFG, all of the exciting wonderfully amazing shit happened during this time, so i’m hella excited to throw it back.

these are also from christopher’s pov, might be longer than the summer in NY drabbles, and ultimately forms a little bit more of a timeline. (you can read the summer in new york drabbles and hop directly to these to see the budding relationships!)

and also,  THERE’S CHRIHANNA IN HERE! (with the exception of this first one) and honestly, it’ll probably the only non-fucked up chrihanna you’ll get until i finish this trilogy and start this fic i’ve been thinking about.  okay. lemme take my emotional ass back to MS word. thanks guyssssss ❤

set in summer 2006 | drabble: hormonal | word count: 4,000+

“We’re just coming back from shoppin’ cause’ we gotta do 106 tomorrow and I’m kinda nervous. I think I need to go take a…use the bathroom,” I shook my head as Barry punched me in the arm and I dodged his next hit, trying to keep my phone against my ear as we waded through the mall, with my bodyguards Pat and Christian flanking my sides.

This shit was crazy! I could barely move through the mall without girls screaming and shouting, a couple of em even grabbed me and it threw me off because no matter how many times I’d done this same thing over the summer, it seemed like overnight, everybody was trying to get a piece of me.

I don’t think I could ever get used to this. My mom was on me because we’d be disappearing to start the tour in a couple of days and I’d have to kiss New York goodbye until we came back here for the show on the twenty sixth.

“Well, if I can make it out of the mall, I’m gonna try and get something to eat and I’ll be back home in no time, I promise.” I ducked through an exit door as the crowd around me started to waver off and I was pushed into the backseat of an SUV within seconds, with Barry and my cousin Aaron sliding in next to me, excited about all of the female attention they got because I knew it would be in my best interest to not pay it any attention.

“Where we gon’ eat at?” Everyone glared at me and I shrugged my shoulders as we cruised into traffic, a little bit disinterested in the whole thing. We were nearing places I’d spent the majority of the summer hanging out with Kacie at, and just thinking about her made my stomach churn.

“The McDonalds on 42nd street is cool, if you wanna go there.” I finally answered as the music got turned up and my head leaned against the seat, trying to get over a day that was tiring as hell already.

I had studio sessions lined up, a notebook wadded with lyrics that didn’t make sense, and a myspace message conversation that had been replied to so many times that the original subject had disappeared, waiting on my response. I had to get my phone number changed twice in the past two weeks after ignorantly giving it to the wrong female, and all I really wanted to do was chill before tomorrow came, by myself.

“You think I’ll be able to hang out by myself for a while?” Without my Mom being around, I was stuck with my aunt’s cautious glances.

I loved my Aunt Christine to death because she was extremely more lenient than my mom, and wouldn’t hesitate to knock me out if I started acting like an asshole. She was manning the front seat, on the lookout for photographers, so maybe she didn’t hear me…

I repeated myself and she glanced at me from her front seat position and shrugged her shoulders without speaking, phone pressed to her ear. I glared out the window as we rolled up to the restaurant, thinking of a plan.

I had to get out by myself, even if it meant that ‘by myself’ was really asking Pat to come with me while I tried to go to the movies, or hang out in Harlem for a couple of hours. Once we pulled up to the McDonalds after the drive here, all I could think about was slipping to Kacie’s penthouse, which was a couple of blocks away, and just hiding out there, even if I couldn’t get in.

I wondered if Omari was still here. The last time I checked, he was. He had been around, recording some music for his next CD, 21, and it was close to being done. I had started shooting some scenes for this movie with Ne-Yo and we were about to start our tour that spanned almost thirty cities. I was tired but it was exciting because there was a lot of other people that I liked coming with me, and the energy was definitely awesome to let out on stage for girls who came all the way to see me.

I still couldn’t believe it. Continue reading