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by your side x until next time

a/n: just as a warning, the until next time x by your side – OMEGAVERSE is trippy.

it started off as a ficlet about artist!chris becoming gigolo!chris ….

and probably some side-plot of slashy barry x ethan [shut up, taylor. my ugly OTP~]

i don’t know. i started hopping and jumping and straying, and haven’t changed a thing.

i most likely won’t, but they still mesh. UNT was written before BYS, but in the storyline timeframe, BYS predates UNT by four years.

i think honestly, even though i’m on some sort of course with BYS, since i’ve already explored a bit into the UNTverse, I might just hop and jump and do drabbles and oneshots for this to fuel my muse on the topic.

I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be all over the place, like a time jump type of thing.

I have too many ideas with this plot bunny… and it’s Becca’s favorite 🙂


Oh when you’re cold, I’ll be there / Hold you tight to me

Oh when you’re low / I’ll be there by your side baby

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drabbles: in comparison

snippet: VIII

and i know when you need me
i’ll be thinking, waiting until next time


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