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thinking of you drabbles | the way you make me feel #12

a/n: tiny drabble block. gonna post up to 14, then the chapters will come back. needed a break. enjoyyyy.

set in june ’07 | drabble: frisky| word count: 3,200+

“I bullshit you not, I can’t name one time in which I’ve gotten online and this Christopher Robyn shit isn’t being talked about,” Kacie turned around in her desk chair and threw a pen at me.

“Ya’ll motherfuckers make my job harder and this remix irritates the fuck out of me…” Kacie continued to complain after she idled her Mac and climbed back in her bed, barely missing stepping on me.

“Didn’t somebody come up with a couple name for ya’ll?” Barry asks from his position on the floor and I groan in remembrance.

“Maya calls us Chrihanna.”

“That sounds loosely related to Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.” Barry commented as Kacie gave him a high five and I shrugged. I wasn’t a fan of it either, but whatever.

“She’s still not talking to you?” Barry questioned as I shook my head no and sighed.

“We’re supposed to present an award together and first thing she asked was if we would walk the carpet as each other’s dates and I told her no, so we’re back to the whole, you’re stupid to give me this type of treatment attitude, but I don’t give a shit…” I shrugged and the two of them exchanged glances that made me realize they’d seen right through my attempt at being nonchalant about it.

“Hell, I barely have a scab on my head from the shit she pulled in the car. Robyn better fuck off…” I added, and Barry laughed while Kacie glanced at me and peeled my band-aid away with a grimace.

“It doesn’t need stitches, shut up. Be lucky it’s just a cut, it could have been worse.” Kacie groans for the ten thousandth time as I roll over on my back and sigh.

Let him keep bitching so she’ll have another reason to get on his head,” Barry childishly encouraged me to continue, but I knew attitude when I heard it. “It’ll make Maya’s annoying ass happy, finally give her something to talk about…”

“Aren’t you going to get in trouble for hanging here anyway? If not by your future baby momma, then at least by Tina or somebody…” She continued questioning me as she pinned me down and I shook my head no.

“I told Christine where we were but…Tina ain’t too fond of you, Kace.” Barry said in between saving his game as Kacie rolled her eyes.

“Anyone who’s fucking you, apparently…but, I’m not, so what’s her beef?” Kacie asked as I remained stiff underneath her and Barry whistled, long and slow.

“Well…for starters, you’re what Tina likes to call a distraction, Kace.” Barry shook his head solemnly as Kacie groaned in annoyance.

“Bitch, what?” She gawked and Barry nodded.

“She thinks he’s putting too much concentration into you two, basically. Calling you and making sure you’re always nearby and shit…disappearing to end up with you… She doesn’t like it.” He murmured as she groaned and loudly voiced her dislike for all things Tina.

“Tina can eat a dick… Tell her I said stay mad.” Kacie exclaimed as I shook my head and Barry laughed.

“What she’d have to say about that psycho bitch that’s throwing ashtrays and shit at him? She likes her though, huh?” Kacie stood and clucked her tongue as I rolled over on my stomach and frowned.

“I’m never gonna be enough for you, and that’s bullshit.” She groaned and I shook my head instantly.

For what feels like forever, I stare at her all the while trying to ignore the way Barry’s stare burns the back of my head. The next thing I know, the words come out on their own.

“Stop sulking. Tina’s just jealous and you know that… She’s trying to get me with Robyn too. I seem like the only person who’s not too sure about this…” I muse and Kacie rolls her eyes while Barry scoffs and I know I’m lingering on thin ice with the both of them.

It’s somewhat true though, because for the past two days that I’ve been here, she hasn’t called or reached out to me or even done as much as apologized for flipping the fuck out on me.

“Nah, she’s too…possessive. It wouldn’t work out.”

“Why? Because you’re just as much of a possessive asshole yourself? Probably.” Barry countered as I gave him the finger and Kacie buried herself back underneath her blanket.

“I am not possessive!” I started to defend myself as Kacie rolled over and scoffed loudly and simultaneously hit me in the shoulder. “You cannot sit there and lie to my face like that.”

“So, if I called Bailey up to talk and apologize, you wouldn’t get upset and want to grab me and call me yours, like you always do?” Stopping myself from yelling curses in response was very hard. She was basically fucking taunting me now.

I glared at her because she knew I would do exactly that, but I didn’t give her the satisfaction of acknowledging that she was.

I watch her grab her phone and glance at me, and my stomach dipped when she glossed over the keys of her blackberry. I wave her off, because I know she’s stunting. It’s mainly brought on by jealousy, I know it is, but I swallow it down and try to access the rational part of my brain.

“Huh? Cat got your tongue?” She nudged my shoulder as I shook my head no and started running my fingers down the curve of her hip.

I heard a loud groan from the corner at the same time Kacie stopped absentmindedly rocking against me and held a facial expression similar to a deer in headlights.

“Ugh, here ya’ll motherfuckers go…I’m gon’ head out, Chris if I call you, you know what’s up.” Barry slapped Kacie in the hip as she threw one of her playstation controllers at him and it hit him in the back and bounced half way across the room.

“I’m too fast to touched by the likes of you, Hulk!” He growled as she climbed off of me and chased him downstairs.

“You have to tell Barry he’s fucking too big to be the Flash. I can outrun his ass.” She complains as she comes back in the room and her phone starts erupting in song.

It’s immediately recognizable, even if I can’t exactly name it. Then I glance at her in question as the phone belts out me singing Human Nature and I raise my eyebrow at her.

I peek over her arm and stare down at the screen that’s sending the phrase “1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CALL HIM!” flashing across it. She blushes and mashes buttons until it disappears and I cluck my tongue and roll over, pulling her with me.

When she’s not being angsty as hell or masochistic, she can be real smooth in that way that can’t be taught or learned. Like now, when she laps her leg over mines and ever so slightly pushes her hips against mines, fending for stimulation.

I can’t be bothered to deny that I’ve always found it attractive. The same with her reminder, almost like we’re some high school couple, which makes my chest expand a bit at the thought of me being that important to anyone in order to keep track of things like that.

“It’s the sixth,” She murmured as I pressed my lips against her wrist. Looking up at me shyly, she blushed, and I don’t think I’d ever seen anything more beautiful or more enticing. “It seems way longer than a year since I’ve met you.”

“It’s only been a year since I met you? Damn,” I feel her legs open a bit wider in order to trap me and Kacie growls a bit at the contact as I lift my shirt over my head and off now that Barry’s gone.

“It feels so much longer than that.” I muse as she shrugs and plants her hand on my chest.

“It does…” She flattens her arms on both sides of me, trapping me.

I inhale sharply when I feel her hips pushing against mines like she’d previously started doing. It’s not helping anything though, so in my best interest, I attempt to stop things before we get started. With my motivation, I definitely need to.

“What’re you tryna start, ma?” I flip positions, easily pinning her and easily shifting myself against her, thankful for her lack of modesty and the cotton boxers she’d been in since she came back upstairs.

“Oh, I’m Ma now? Figure out your accent, damn.” She joked as I bit down on my lip and she narrowed her gaze at me. I glanced back, curious, hard, wondering what she was thinking.

Wide brown eyes access me for a minute, and her mouth opens to exhale. “Don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what?” I licked my lips and pulled her underneath me.

“Like I’m Beauty and you’re the Beast,” She responded softly and I pulled the brim down and I could hear her pant underneath me, and watched her hands adhere onto my hips. “Like you want to eat me alive….”

“Omari’s not coming back tonight, right?” I twisted the hat backwards and nipped her shoulder as she shrugged.

“You should give me a gift! I haven’t really acknowledged anniversaries before.” She exclaimed after I pulled back, excited at first, but hesitant towards the end.

“What can I give you?” I mused, running my fingers through her hair. She shrugged and I hummed loudly as I thought it over, not surprised when she pulled me back to her and pressed her lips against mines.

“We’ll figure it out.” I softly promised as she smiled and nodded before we ended up rolling around in her bed, touching becoming too much for her as I kissed her neck and felt her squirm underneath me.

“Would it be stupid for me to tell you that I think I…” She opens her mouth and curses when my fingers slide along the inside of her thigh.

I stop, and she shivers. “You think you what?”

“It’s stupid, forget it.” She’s inwardly cringing now and clamming up. I remove my hands from her thighs and place them on the neutral ground of swirling against the hot pink –I fucking love her in hot pink– against her tattooed hip.

“Can I guess?”

“You should know though, it’s kinda obvious.”

I tap my finger to my temple and pretend to contemplate what’s up, but when she mouths the word fuck and starts running her hand down her face, it really does become obvious.

“Either you’re finally gonna confess your undying love to me, or you just wanna fuck.”

“See, I don’t even know why I’m friends with you…” She groans in annoyance and pushes me, but I shift all my weigh on her and she’s unable to make me move.

I want to keep pressing the button – no pun intended – but I don’t. Either way though, I know what I have to do. I have to stop. I refuse to let this stupid gnawing in the pit of my stomach, the sensations running through my body, and visions in my head ruin the best friendship I’ve ever had.

“Yeah you do. And since I also know you better than you think I do, I’m gonna try to talk you out of letting us do that.” My heart drops into my stomach, and one of these days, I’ll stop being surprised that it doesn’t feel bad.

However, there’s this thing about timing and waiting and stress that I make a note to question everyone about whenever I make it back to them. But she’s still underneath me, pushing, writhing, close to humping me basically, and it makes me laugh instead of groaning and reflecting her actions because she’s doing all of this for me.

Me. No one else. Just me.

“Again?” As much as I wanted to just give in, I half-heartedly pushed her away.

In comparison to last time we’d gone down this route, things are way more different now, but if I don’t act like they are, then they don’t have to be. I just don’t need more complications right now.

“It’ll fuck up everything, how many times are we gonna go through this?” I was shooting for annoyed impatience, but it was pretty hard to feign when I was aroused and panting as her hands dragged down my back.

“Until you can tell me how it’s logical for us to basically go as far as everything but… that… But we can’t go all the way.” She questions, and I want to make a joke about the bad case of freshman horniness kicking in early, but I can’t get it out.

“Some things work better than others,” I shrugged as she glared at me. “I mean, it’s just head. You mean to tell me you’re not satisfied with that? Are you going through something?”

“Yeah! Some things you just don’t talk about. Some things you do. Some things you show.” Her shirt takes down her old charging sidekick and it hits the floor and pops open, but she shrugs and glances back at me, pushing her tits together and I look, because how can I not?

“I am horny and it’s your fault. You do this shit to me. Don’t act like you don’t know that sexual frustration is real!” She yelled and hit me in the arm as I took her down and pinned her underneath me again.

“Ugh, you want me… you know this… okay, fuck it.” I stifled a moan, trying to pretend that I wasn’t hard and aching for her. “I hate you for letting me basically embarrass myself, and letting me fail… I was just hoping for the power of positive thinking.”

“What, you didn’t want to try reverse psychology?”

“Nah, that’d never work. I’d have to stay away from you, and honestly,” She pulls me even closer, “I’m having trouble staying even this far. But I’m not putting my shirt back on.”

I ogle her in agreement and she hits me in the shoulder with a pout. I make sure to kiss her from the top of her breasts all the way to her forehead after spending so much time on her lips that her phone starts to sing again, and she lets it play through instead of turning it off.

“You don’t want me to be your first. It comes with too much baggage and shit further down the line because no one’s ever gonna be as bad or in my case, as good as the first.”  I tell her, and she shakes her head.

She immediately shifts against me and sits up, and I prop up on my elbow and watch her. “Ugh, are you trying to like, psych me out? Stop.”

“I’m just saying…” I roll over, and she exhales softly and holds her chest.

“Whatever.” she snubbed me as she jabbed me in the shoulder, “Stop poking me with your dick and come downstairs with me.”

“Why?” I ask as I watch her crawl back towards the bottom of the bed, all ass and hips pointed towards me as she hangs off the edge until she’s sliding my shirt over her.

“Because, I got something for you.” She states, still not turning around, and it gives me ample opportunity to shove my pants down and wait for her to see what I’m doing. It’s either do it now while she’s here, or when she’s gone, because getting up and moving is out of the question.

“Is it porn? ’cause, that would be real useful with you leaving me like this.”

I tilt my hips up when she finally glances at me, cheeks only a little red. “You are so, so, so fucking mannish and nasty. And bigger than I remember, but absolutely nasty. C’mon, we gotta hurry up before I get distracted, so I’mma turn my back again, and you pull up your pants, and…”

I push my pants down over my ankles instead and kick them off. “C’mere.”

“No, cause…” She shifts her weight from toe to toe and tries to keep her eyes on me, but she’s failing and it’s a turn on when she licks her lips and my hand moves to motion for her to come closer.

She shakes her head and I’m a bit annoyed now, because even if we won’t go all the way, I know what I want and what she definitely won’t turn down. “Kacie Jaylin DeVaughn, get the fuck over here.”

“Don’t say my whole name like that.” Her feet move and she’s in front of me again, hovering and staring down like I’m going somewhere. I’m naked in her bed, and there’s not really too many places I want to go right now…

“If we can’t do anything, why are you naked in my bed?” She questions as she bends to her knees crawls into the bed.

I scoff lowly and watch her as she cautiously ignores batting down my erection to sit as far away from me as she possible can. I pull her close to me, shift my shirt off of her, and pin her underneath me, just because she’s started something and I have to get it out of my system before I have to get out of here.

“There’s other stuff,” I growled, nipping at her ear, and I had to fight off my arousal to remain annoyed with her. “I can teach you ways to handle your frustration.”

It lasts only seconds though, because her curiosity is piqued and she’s dragging her hand down my stomach and panting against my shoulder.

“Can I touch you?” She inquires, and I nod. “I’m just asking because the last time, you almost freaked out…”

I take her hand and re-teach her the simple stroke that my seventeen year old former self remembered making her watch me do a thousand miles away in my bedroom. After a while, she gets too into it, and I’m pressed against my own shirt and her thigh is lapped over my leg, grinding mercifully against me and I don’t know how this is helping, because it’s too damn hard for me to slow down.

And instead of tempting her, we kind of fall into this really bad we really should stop category that has both of us naked and her hand pressing me down into her bed as her mouth presses kisses down my stomach, and every so often, she’ll say something that makes me close my eyes and press my head into the pillows.

This second venture of her mouth going past my navel makes me more turned on than apprehensive, and it’s interesting. She’s a quick learner, and daring – pull my hair, please– and I fucking swear at one point, my eyes cross.

“Fuck, Kacie, stop…” I try to pull her back when I feel myself getting there, and she doesn’t budge. She’s fucking stubborn, and instead of moving, my eyes close when I do start to cum and instantly feel bad.

It’s more than oozing; it’s flowing, overwhelming, thick and unstoppable. She rolls over on her back and kicks me with her foot, and I drag my fingertips through her hair.

“Y’know I’m never gonna let you live that down…”

“Shut up and go to sleep before you have to leave.”

Three hours later, when I’m finally on my way back into my world, my phone buzzes and I laugh when I see the text message.


Happy 1 year anniversary ❤

oh, and another thing…Robyn spits, huh?


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Lol! She’s so crazy and say whatever I want and feel kind of person. Awww a 1 year anniversary of friendship. I’m surprised he remembered. And Tina is ridiculous. You should want your client to have genuine people around him. Kacie is not a problem.

Comment by CMH

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