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thinking of you x 16

a/n: drabbles on halt until chapter 20 so i can keep some order. the interview is coming up soon, are you ready? i’ve been told I have a talent when it comes to knocking out fic!interviews lol. someone stole one once, OMFG! It was horrible, smh.

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Now that you’re wiser
Surely you’ve learned to read it
You should know
No surface shines brighter
Than the light that burns beneath it


“I think your tweetdeck app just crashed again. Babe, you’re gonna break twitter.” I murmur while I kiss down Kacie’s back through the slits in her tank top as she inches up on the counter and puts the boxes of cereal up.

“It’s just a ring-pop, oh my god. Imagine when it’s a picture of the real thing…” She has this breathless tone and it instantly makes me lean forward and press my lips to the back of her neck, still clutching her up underneath me.

I love her.

Really, and I prayed the entire flight back here that nothing changes now that we’ve finally put a definite distinction between the relationship that me and Robyn had together.

“Can you stop trying to maul me on the counter and let me turn around?” She wiggles underneath me and I cluck my tongue in her ear, making her groan and push back at me.

It’s starting to feel like the period in which everything was only focusing on the fact that ‘you’re only gonna be here for a while, so let’s make the best of it’ and catering to me was her number one priority.

“Chris, please.” She giggles underneath me as I lower her back down and she turns to face me.

“You’re okay now, for good, right?” She runs her fingers down my arms and I nod, pulling her lip into my mouth and feeling her fingers inch into my hair at the nape of my neck.

“You’re helping me get my shit together for real. I love you.” It’s true, and she knows it.

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