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thinking of you drabbles | the way you make me feel #3

set in late 06-early 07 | drabble: conflicted | word count: 4,500+

“Happy Birthday,” I hear Kacie groaning on the other end as I roll my eyes, anxiously tapping the steering wheel in front of me.

I’m planning on getting her out of the house, and fast. Her dad had shot off to Florida and finally trusted her to stay back by herself considering she’d just turned eighteen, and here I was, taking advantage of it.  Everyone I told about my little plan laughed in my face about it though, but I hope it works.

“Thanks…why’d you wake me up? I think you’re the first person to call too, so feel lucky.” She murmured and I laughed, nibbling on my bottom lip. I was anxious as hell, giving her about a fifty percent chance of telling me either yes or no, but I really hoped it would be yes.

“So….did you go back to Chicago for winter break or what?” I questioned, hearing her move around and yawn again, “No, I’m still in Virginia. It’s supposed to be a snow-storm there or some shit, so….yeah, fuck that… what time is it, anyway?”

“Motherfucker it’s two am! Where are you calling me from?” She yelled, and I laughed, trying to adjust my eyes to her window from my driver’s seat viewpoint.

“Actually…I was wondering if you’d like to come and chill for a few hours…” I was really antsy, and it was making me jittery. I had to go to the release of Stomp the Yard in a couple of days, and shoot through a couple of New Year’s celebrations, but I was tired already.

“Oh, you’re calling me to chill? Like, what, spend the night or something?” She questioned and I laughed lowly, running my fingertips down my face.

“You don’t have birthday plans?” I questioned as she groaned.

“No, I got the Birthday and Christmas double whammy, I get to do whatever I want to now.”

“So come downstairs!” I exclaimed and heard her gasp and then scream loudly.

“Christopher, I know damned well you’re not outside my daddy’s house right now…”

“Yeah I am, and I’ma need you to toss some stuff in a bag and get out here, right now.” I seriously instructed as I watched the blinds in her window twist backwards, and saw her standing in the full length window, hair down, middle finger against the glass. Continue reading

thinking of you x 12

And I pray to god, that what we had
We will have again someday
So I telephoned to tell you what
I’d hoped you’d like to hear me say
But I’m thinking of you


“Aye, c’mere, watch this.” Kacie grinned as we watched Godfrey continue to cover the behind the scenes madness.

We’d busted through two hours of setting up the various scenes before the sun finally started to go down, and we still had a long night ahead of us. It was just getting dark once we started on actually shooting things, and my mood was on a million.

We’d already gotten through a group shoot in the sand dunes with the full band, and now we had switched to individual run-throughs of the whole song, giving each band member their time to shine. Ethan was first and now it was Stormi’s turn, and the setup for the next scene was already in motion thanks to the hard work of the interns. I don’t think a lot of this could have been accomplished without them, and I was anxious to repay them back for their hard work at tomorrow night’s wrap party.

Being a director had me excited as hell, and this was really keeping that positive mindset I needed intact. I’m still so giddy, electricity buzzing in my veins. I was confident that I could do this on my own, but having someone around to be backup and give me pointers had never proved to be worthless at all. I had gotten pointers from Colin earlier and Godfrey had found us here, deciding to rough it out with us for the night.

“Godfreyyyyyyyy,” Kacie imitated Darth Vader and dropped the loudspeaker from her mouth as we watched him glance around for her, curious.

“Godfrey, I am your father.” She erupted in laughter after she imitated the heavy breathing and I gripped her waist, shaking my head at her.

“Aiight that’s enough of that, you’ve been out of your post for too long babe.” I passed the loudspeaker to one of the interns, TJ, as he passed by and smiled at us, dipping back to Stormi’s set up.

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