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thinking of you x 10

a/n: exclusive era drabble #1 (and probably #2, knowing my ass) will go up later, so get ready for some au chris x kacie & chris x robyn parallels, yay!

When I think of you sleeping, when I’m dreaming, when I wake up,
When I think of you, when I whisper to your picture, when I kiss it, when I think of you


“What’s up, you good?” I rounded the space, making sure everyone was comfortable and I could finally sit back on the floor, which had become a strangely odd position of comfort.

I saw a few tweets back and forth between Kacie and Melissa, Robyn’s right hand woman that made me curious as I watched from my position on the floor, constantly refreshing my timeline.

They tweeted a few times about lace and expensive things, resulting in LOLs and even a few mentions to Robyn, which was also being discussed on my timeline by curious fans, always looking for something to talk about.

But I was lost now myself, wondering what brought the conversation up or what the hell they were even talking about in the first place. There was obviously more going on than I knew of. I heard the door between suites open and saw Braxton finally make his way to where we were, smiling.

“We should get on Ustream, what’d ya’ll think?” Out of all of the members in UGLY, Braxton was the busiest. He had caught up with us seconds before we took off, and spent twenty minutes falling right back into the chaos we got everyone else into.

“Do you think it’s a good idea?” Ethan raised his eyebrow as Barry nodded and yanked his laptop from Kacie’s lap, as she kicked him in the knee and crawled over into my lap, pouting.

“Your brother is a dickwad.” She groaned as I rubbed her leg as I watched Barry get the chat rolling. “Yeah, I’ve been told that a couple of times.”

“Are you excited about going to Vegas with me again?” I attempted to relax while I let them do their thing, eventually resulting in guitars being pulled out and snippets being played while the flight time ticked down closer to landing.

Kacie’s back rolled against my chest as she exhaled and locked her fingers with mines, nodding. My thoughts were swirling around in my head about the last time we’d been to Vegas and it was too much for me to even being trying to dissect, even almost five years later. Damn.

I sat back, content with holding her hand and where I was and waiting to get her to this moment, to any moment that would bring us solidarity. I don’t think she knew it though.

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