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thinking of you x 9

a/n: hey! somehow i ended up not putting up SBU x 10 drabble [wtf?] so, that’ll most likely go up tomorrow. happy easter!

If I cannot have you for my own
I’d rather be lonely and all alone
I’d rather keep thinking the way that I do
‘Cause all I do is think about you 


“How long is this supposed to be?” I looked up from the string of tweets while everyone did their last minute packing as we walked through the station building, en route to my destination.

“No more than ten minutes, you can time me if you like. They’re gonna break it up and I’m gonna record some Fortune Promo bits and some general station promo, then we can go.”

“Where’s your list?” Christine inquired, flattening the crease in her starched blouse. I shook my head dismissively as I bounced along the staircase, mood increasing with every hour nearing closer to seven pm.

I have four hours to kill, so I psyched myself up to believe that this interview would work out fine. Honestly, I’m antsy. I got the paperwork done for the restraining order without thinking twice about it, and I can’t wait to tell Kacie about it. I don’t even want to be a dick and text her – I have to tell her to her face. I’m fidgety and even though I could easily pull out my phone to call her, it’s not the same thing. I want to see her face, grab her and hold her, and tell her everything will be fine, and we won’t have to worry about anything.

“I don’t need it. This is gonna be real candid, and real short. I have trust in them.” I shook my head, waving her off.  I could trust them, always could. Continue reading