she writes — you read.


“All of this and more is for you. With love, sincerity, and deepest care, my life with you I share.”



Bright and early sunrise was never my friend. Especially when it was annoying the shit out of me and I was in a house that wasn’t mines. I reach around blindly for Damien and in seconds, I curse myself. I shouldn’t be grabbing out for him. Not after last night.

This is fucking ridiculous, but I know it’s worth it to endure. We lie in silence, my head on his shoulder and his hands in my hair. There’s an almost-artificial calm to him that makes me feel as if we’ve reached the eye of a storm that’s nowhere near over. As much as I want us to talk this through, I don’t push. I don’t do anything but breathe and wait.

“No, Robyn. I’m not letting you out of my sight.” He groans, pulling me into him. I sigh, staring at the sunrise coming through the windows, and sigh. He’s gripping me tighter than I could imagine was possible, pressing his lips against the nape of my neck.

“Stay, c’mon. We’re not leaving any time soon.” His fingers dig into my hipbone as I inch back against him, rocking and complete. He didn’t seem to realize that I had no choice. He was temptation incarnate.

“Damien, you haven’t even fucking packed…” I grunt, and he chuckles against my ear, ignoring me. He slides his hands down my thighs, and begins teasingly rubbing his hard dick against the thin barrier of my panties.

My lips purse into an O shape as I attempt to pick my head up, and anxiously beg him with thrusts in his direction to continue. “Hush, Robyn.” Continue reading