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Um, but maam…or sir.
March 8, 2014, 1:29 pm
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Someone just accused me of stealing tape you [which i havent put on here in quite some time and fell off copying and pasting a whiiiile ago] and i’m just sitting here like… 😒 but this is my wordpress blog, though?


I guess i’ll copying and pasting my links page to that ff and on here so motherfuckers won’t get confused lmfao


let’s talk
January 16, 2014, 11:24 pm
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prompt: video | fuck ten dollars [x]
word count: 1,500+
a/n: there was that video, and then in the process of writing, another verse was born, and… you’ll see more of this. also, NSFW?

There really was no reason for the argument, but she knew it was coming. He’d been pissed off since he rolled out of bed that morning, and heard the tail end of her conversation with Aubrey.

He honestly had no right to be angry at her—the situation, or any of this, given the fact that those the damned ink on those annulment papers were still drying. But, she wanted this, them, something more out of him,and he would give her what she wanted, even if he’d have to suffer with the rest of the ties being cut in the meantime. Continue reading

days i spent with you x 3

a/n: I HAVE FEELS OKAY. FEELS~ !!!! i think these adds won’t be as lengthy as the prior full fics, most likely 5-8 pages at most, or even shorter, but it will be completed though! we’re on 3/30, so get ready for a baby and a wedding and stuff~


THREE | Kacie | Mid-July

“I just want you to punch Drake in the face for me,” My mom starts up on her anti-Drake tangent and I shake my head at her. “If I catch him the streets before you, I’ll do it my damned self.”

We’ve been sitting in the Doctor’s office, one of many trips the three of us will share together before I go to Chicago with her and he leaves to start on his slew of video shoots. I’m not sure how long it’s going to be like this, but at the moment, I accept the comfort that comes with it.

I’m conflicted and torn between too many emotions at the moment. I’m excited about having him here, but as long as we sit in this waiting room, anticipating to be called back, my hesitation about this ultrasound grows. I want to experience everything with him, but I know this time apart is needed for us to be able to come together again once it’s done, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get antsy about time speeding up for a variety of reasons.

“Kathy, please.” Chris laughs and gets her to do the same, and I sigh softly as I look at him.

I want this visit to be over quicker than anything, but to head out to Chicago while he goes back to California to start shooting video two of four just…Ugh. It’s only going to be six days without him and although I knew he wouldn’t miss this for the world, a part of me wishes that he got a jump start on things earlier.

But then, he probably wouldn’t have made it back here and – fuck. I need to clear my head. Continue reading

her choice // chrianna drabbles [2/2]

prompt: stripper rih / gentleman chris, full prompt here [x] | part 1 here [x]

word count: 2,000+

The agreement was as such – whatever ­she needed to do in order to guarantee her mother’s healthcare would be taken care of was going to be done, as long as they would guide her through it.

Charlie and Christopher had been running in and out of her life since she was seven years old, but Robyn was used to the many disconnects and reconnecting that came with knowing with them. Continue reading

her choice // chrianna drabbles [1/2]

A/N: I started a drabble blog like… a while ago, and only posted a couple of things, but i think i want to extend this.


prompt: stripper rih / gentleman chris, full prompt here [x]

word count: 2,000+

From the outside looking in, you’d think an evacuation was just announced by the way everything went into motion within seconds. The stampede of feet sounded like a bunch of galloping horses as heels hit the floor, venturing quickly upstairs.

All was in motion except for one.

Memorial Day Weekend always brought the big spenders in, but tonight, twenty two year old Robyn just wanted to go home. This job was exhausting, and the fact that she’d just cashed in over three grand didn’t mean a thing.

It had barely put a dent in the debt she tried to knock down a few pegs, and therein laid her biggest conflict at the moment – should she stay, or go? Continue reading

unfinished WIP – au realitystar!rih and millionaire!aubrey
January 3, 2014, 1:32 am
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a/n: i have a lot of WIPS that are unfinished that i need to work on, i’m gonna start posting em here so i don’t forget about them… starting w this untitled one.


“I mean honestly, you have liquor, a pool, you look damn good, this is a nice ass fucking place… enjoy yourself today, for real Jayme. And if it’s meant for us to meet back up in the meantime or between time… I’ll be looking forward to it.” Karim’s lips were cold on her cheek as Jayme laughed softly and hugged him gently before he bid her adieu and found his way back across the floor.

Honestly, the experience hadn’t been all bad. A couple of the people in the house were cool, but there were people she’d rather not cross paths with for another five seconds, let alone for the duration of this party. Continue reading

HEY! happy new year~
January 1, 2014, 6:57 am
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things to come:

  • posting and finishing tape you (i’m like three chapters away..)
  • kacieverse shall be back, probably by the spring bc i wanna write it out first, and then post it. (aka march)
  • gonna post this new fic in the meantime on here, sometime soon — probably before friday. it’s some AU chrianna that i had started on and abandoned on tumblr, and then read again and was like “WHY DIDN’T I FINISH THIS?!”
  • uhm. a part of me wants to finish for you but its so fucking angsty and i don’t remember where i left off or what was happening or if i can even get into that same state of mind again? probably. we’ll see.

but one of my 2k14 goals was NOT to abandon wordpress again, so… here i am! 🙂